Powerful Specialty Fertilizer

Lasnaro Pro active Plus – for Fruit Size

A Advance Fruit Enlarger With spectrum fungicide

Lasnaro Pro Active Plus : is Natural rich organo mineral combination which is very effective on Fruit Size and weight of fruits of all crops and also work as fungicide , this is also fulfill plants potassium needs
Lasnaro Pro active plus is use for most of crops like onion ,garlic ,patato ,tomato,cotton,flowers ,vegetable fruits etc .

Dosage: 1.5 ml per liter and 500 ML for Drips Application

Packing Size available : 500 ml ,250ml and 100 ml

Lasnaro green vita -Liquid

Lasnaro green vita is Liquid form of various natural micro nutrient combination having natural homogenous availability of micro nutrient mixture in Liquid form .

Dosages : 1.5 ML per liter in water ,250 GM per Acres as in Drips uses

Packing Size : 100 ML ,250 Ml ,500 ML

Lasnaro Stort

A Unique Powerful plant growth starter
Lasnaro Stort is unique Blend of various moleculs and elements origination from divers sources ,Lasnaro Stort is powerful plant growth starter for increases crops Production increases more flower more branches and increases unit weight .

Direction for use : 10 Gm per acre as in required water . For more result sparay in 10 to 15 days intervals regularly .

Packaging available : 10 GM Pouch Each in A steel container (150 Pouch )

Lasnaro Becti fighter

Lasnaro Becti fighter is research based formulation derived from natural ingredients. This is a advance stage bactericide & fungicides control various fungal and bacterial disease & provides energy & new life to the plant. Protect from various fungal & bacterial attacks stop multiplications of bacterial pathogens, build strong immunity of the plant to resist against various infection .

Dosages: 250 GM Per acres with any fertilizer

Lasnaro velocity Plus

Lasnaro Velocity plus is a unique Plant booster solutions ,which has a dynamic effect on the over all growth of plant. This Products is absorbed by the plant instantly . it helps is the formation of branches & Induces bud development in plant. It ‘s help in prevention of premature fruits & flower drop.

Dosages : 1.5 Ml Per Liter of water and for better result use 15 days interval

Lasnaro Innovative

A Powerful Bio-stimulant with Fulvic and Cytokinins
Lasnaro Innovative is a most valuable input in biological agriculture. It can provide a multitude of benefits for to both soil and plant.

Advantages include:
• It is non-toxic.
• It is a powerful organic electrolyte.
• It enhances cell division and elongation. Root growth is magnified with obvious benefits.
• As a foliar spray, Lasnaro Innovative increases the plant’s oxygen uptake capacity with an associated increase in chlorophyl production and an increase in the permeability of plant membranes, improving the uptake of nutrients.
• It has a unique capacity to dissolve minerals and trace elements. This feature has tremendous import for fast-tracking the plant availability of rock minerals, i.e., rock phosphate and lime. Can interact with sunlight to enhance photosynthesis. This can be particularly valuable during prolonged cloudy periods.
Can absorb a part of the harmful UV radiation. It is use full for all crops

Dosage: Spray application: 1.5 ML per liter use at 15 days interval for vegetables and monthly interval for fruit crops .

Drip Application: 150 Ml per acre use at 15 days interval for vegetable and fruit crops .