Organic Pesticide/Insecticide /Botanical

Lasnaro Thrips Killer

Lasnaro Thrips Killer Is very effective on more than 600 types of Insects .This is a very unique Idea and very powerful to kill all types of thrips and various Sucking Pest and protect long time compare of other Products . this is also effective result on thrips eggs ,small insect and also Next generation thrips .
Lasnaro thrips killer work on Thrips ,Sucking pest ,Aphids, Leaf hoofers Mealy bugs ,Mites And white fly .

Dosages : 1.5 ML Per liter of water , Use 15 days interval for better results.

Packing Size: 100 Ml ,250 ML

Lasnaro Spark

Lasnaro spark is Broad Spectrum botanical pesticides ,which is combination of various Plants and seeds extracts very effective in all types of worms
Lasnaro Spark is a unique Formulation for Kill all types of cater Piller with DBM also work on Growth of Plant.

Dosages : 2.5 to 3.5 ML Per Liter of Water and for better result use 10 days interval

Pacing Size : 250 ML , 500 ML

Lasnaro Wilde Magic

Lasnaro wild magic is a organic systematic pesticides which has a some new organic content . Lasnaro wild magic has a maximum pesticides characters . which is work very effectively on all types of catter piller , larva ,army worm ,bollwors,root worm and heliothis ,DBM ect. It can be used for all kinds of field crops of horticulture crops . it is more effective than any chemical pesticides. Non toxic by natures & environment friendly

Dosages : 1.5 ml per liter

Packing Size available : 500 ml ,250ml and 100 ml